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    Flash 75/150/400 brochure

    A brochure for the large scale flash 75, 150 and 400 systems. Biotage flash systems support purification from R+D through to large scale.

    » Ease of use, intuitive and modular, simple to install
    » Quality-controlled production processes, consistent results
    » Many stationary phase options - chose the optimum column for purification
    » Sophisticated method development software - reduce solvent and waste
    » Quality and security of your client’s supply
    » Increased productivity, isolate up to multiple Kgs of product per run


    » Pharma, from intermediates to APIs / HP-APIs.
    » Urgent research programs and support for therapeutic projects, such as lipids used in the latest vaccine formulations
    » Natural products, from simple molecules to complex biomolecules, mono through to oligo, such as peptides, nucleotides
    » Purification of novel compounds for materials science research 

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