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    A Common Goal for Modern Chemistry Labs - Speeding up reactions has never been easier. Biotage microwave synthesizers are the first-choice tools for organic chemists who need to accelerate their production of new compounds. 

    Microwave heating is by far the superior choice for synthesizing novel compounds and can offer advantages other than just speed. Working at temperatures and pressures not attainable through traditional heating, it allows chemists to perform reactions previously not possible.


    Discover the Advantages of Microwave Synthesis

    Why Wait Hours, or Even Days, for Results?

    Simply by increasing temperature, microwave synthesis can complete reactions up to a thousand times faster than traditional reflux conditions.

    Why Limit the Range of Experiments?

    Quickly test your creative synthetic ideas and rapidly synthesize compounds of interest to fill gaps in your structure activity relationship (SAR). Reduce the iterative SAR cycle-time and increase productivity for the entire project team.

    Don’t Waste Time Supervising the Synthesis Process

    Biotage microwave systems are predictable, reliable and safe. Each instrument has precise control of time, temperature and pressure to ensure that methods are reproducible and easily transferred or scaled up. Systems are also available with reliable automation and will run an entire sequence without manual intervention.

    Will the Microwave Fit Into Your Process, Hood Space and Budget?

    Chemical synthesis has never been easier. Simply put the reaction mixture into the vial, cap it, insert the vial into the microwave, key in the reaction parameter, and run. The latest generation of microwave synthesis systems are compact, easy to use and very affordable.





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