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SPE Without Conditioning or Equilibration

26 June 2015

SPE without conditioning or equilibration is a reality with the water wettable sorbent chemistries in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS. The result: faster work flow, higher throughput and increased lab efficiency.


This poster compares the performance of various SPE column chemistries using 10-500 mg bed weights, in order to investigate whether sorbent conditioning and equilibration steps are truly required.

Solid phase extraction is generally regarded as the gold standard when comparing sample preparation approaches. However, SPE processing can be laborious and time consuming. In most cases conditioning with an organic solvent is required, followed by equilibration with an aqueous based solvent prior to sample loading.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS combines sorbent wettability with optimized SPE components, allowing better flow consistency and in many cases eliminating the need for SPE column conditioning; thus simplifying and reducing extraction processing. 

Results in Brief

  • Improved flow rates over conventional SPE formats was observed with EVOLUTE EXPRESS using standard processing and the load-wash-elute protocol.
  • Excellent recoveries and RSDs were observed using the load-wash-elute methodology, and minimal difference compared to standard processing.
  • It is possible to perform SPE without conditioning and equilibration steps when using the optimized components and water wettable sorbent chemistries in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS.
  • Less clogging of aqueous samples was seen in these experiments. This is especially important when automation is involved.
  • As such faster work flow can be achieved for higher throughput and increased lab efficiency.

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